img_mpu-missing-persons-unit.jpgMPU-Missing Persons Unit” (original Belgian title = “Vermist”) is a movie and a police series about five members of the Missings Persons Task Force investigating mysterious disappearances. The subject is clear of interest to people/viewers if you for example just see the case of missing Maddy McCann and the massive ammount of media attention to this case all over the world and to other cases of missing persons.

Broadcaster : Vier (Belgium) / Producer : Eyeworks Belgium / Original Belgian title = “Vermist”

Available : 1 x 90′ (feature) + 49 x 50′ / Different markets  / Already sold to more than 90 countries !!!


“JEFF & LEO, COPS AND TWINS” : Worldwide REMAKE Rights available

jeff_et_leo.jpgLeonard (Leo) Quint is a former police inspector. Suffering from agoraphobia he can no longer work and is confined at home. When judge Alice Brezinski- his ex-girl friend- calls him to solve mysterious cases he asks his twin brother Jeff to do it for him.
The twin brothers work together : Leo is the brain of the duo working at home and interrogating suspects while Jeff, pretending to be Leo, investigates on the place of crimes. Leo is the calm and sharp observer while Jeff is the exuberant and intuitive bloodhound.
The twins are just one man in the eyes of the peole outside. Even Alice, still in love with Leo, doesn’t know the existence of Jeff and the investigation techniques of the twin brothers !

Broadcaster : M6 (France) / Producer : Murmures Productions / Original French title = “Jeff & Léo, flics et jumeaux” / Available : 14 French scripts of 52′ / Worldwide REMAKE Rights. 


After the sudden and unsolved death of their father, the three sisters Floor, Frederique and Roos de Wit become in charge of the family owned milk factory: The Witte. How will they cope in running this almost bankrupt factory, can they put aside all the prejudices of the male workers about women running this typically male factory and last but not least, can they join their forces after having lived many years separately ? The sisters De Wit are unconventional, but determined to make their new products a business succes. In their private lifes, things are not running as smooth as their business.

Broadcaster :  NEt 5 (Netherlands) / Producer : Eyeworks / Available 37 x 50′ / Different markets


“KM/H” : 

« KM/H » follows the adventures of Denis, a macho man still looking for love, and also a father of 2 kids…who are more adults than him ! We will meet also Germain, Denis best friend. And we don’t have to forget the crazy people from the office : Roxanne (the snobbish boss),  Sylvie (the warm but sometimes irascible assistant), Jean-Louis (in the fourties but still living with his mother),….

Broadcaster : TVA (Canada) / Producer : Vendôme / Available : 165 x 25′ / Worldwide



In this Flemish variation on the police detective series, eponymous investigators Frank Sedes and Lena Belli, both employed by Vic Moens’ security firm, dig in to various dodgy affairs on account of diverse private clients, which repeatedly brings them on the trace of criminals.

Broadcaster : VRT (Belgium) / Producer : Favourite / Available : 19 x 52′ / Worldwide


REMAKE Movies “A Ferrari for 2”, “An original loving couple”, “A Villa for two”


A Ferrari for Two : When André Herbault (Bernard Le Coq), Human Resources Director for a multinational group whin sponsors a leading soccer team, is asked to drive a Ferrari down to Monaco as a gift to the team’s star player, a basically simple journey turns into a funny road movie.  The meeting with Vincent Saulnier (Pierre Arditi) gives this last one the opportunity to impress his daughter Olivia with the Ferrari. But who is the biggest liar ? An Original loving couple : Romain (Bernard Le Coq) and Thomas (Pierre Arditi) are both divorcing and meet in Court. As Romain already regrets his decision, Thomas is taking things easy. But when this last one is thrown out of his house by his wife, Thomas asks Romain if he can stay just for one night. But the days and nights go by and the two men find their new co-habitation brings more than they bargained for. A Villa for Two :  After the death of his father, Daniel suggests his mother, Marion, move in with him and his wife – for a couple of weeks – A year later, she’s still right at home with her son and his wife Sylvie. whose patience is wearing thin. She demands Marion get out of the house or she’ll leave! So he convinces his mother to move to the South of France where he’s having a charming villa built for her. But the builder has made promises he can’t keep. When Daniel arrives at the airport, he’s in for a shock and so begins a hilarious, but chaotic confusion of identities.
Broadcaster : TF1 (France) / Producer : PM Films. Available : 3 x 90′, Remake (Scripts) / WORLDWIDE.


Broadcaster : TVN (Poland) / Producer : Mtl. Available : 1 x 90′, Remake (Scripts) / WORLDWIDE.



Broadcaster : TVN (Poland) / Available : 1 x 90′, Remake (Scripts) / WORLDWIDE.


Five men in search of love and happiness in a time when men aren’t really sure anymore what it means to be a man, and what women expect of them.

Available : 1 x 90′, Remake (Scripts) / WORLDWIDE.

“VANISHED” (“Spoorloos Verdwenen”) : 

   team-vanished-spoorloos-verdwenen.jpgVanished’ (”Spoorloos Verdwenen”) is an original drama series, broadcast since January 2006 on the Dutch network Nederland 1. It is a thrilling series about a specialized police team, fully committed in tracking down people who have been reported missing. The series is created by international award winning director / creative producer Paul Ruven, and is written by internationally acclaimed novelist and scriptwriter Tomas Ross.

Broadcaster : Nederland 1 (the Netherlands) / Producer : Holland Harbour / Original Dutch title = “Spoorloos Verdwenen”/ Available : 33 x 50′, Ready Made (Dutch version) or Remake (Scripts) / Different markets


 sophie.jpgComedy-drama in which a pregnant businesswoman is having a particularly tough year. As she looks for a break, Sophie, played by actor Natalie Brown of Timmins, Ontario, has no choice but to reach out to friends and relatives who – unfortunately for her – are a largely dysfunctional and neurotic group of people. Broadcaster : CBC (Canada) & ABC (US) / Producer : Sphere Media / Available : 32 x 30′ – Different markets / Already sold to 20 countries !



sophie-paquin-1.jpgSophie Paquin has everything going for her – a talent agency, a man,  friends,  and a baby on the way. With her thirtieth birthday just around the corner, life is heavenly. Then, in the course of a single day, it all goes to hell. How is she supposed to survive teh utter chaos of her new exiostence ?

Broadcaster : SRC (Canada)  / Producer : Sphere Media /  Available : 52 x 60′ /  Different markets


bad-karma.jpeg When Nathalie was in college, all she wanted was to be loved. Kim wanted to be a success. Sarah simply wanted peace and quiet. But these three former BFF’s will get exactly the opposite of what they wanted – and worse – when destiny transports them from a funeral… to the police station. Overwhelmed by circumstances, these three former college friends – who have been out of touch for 18 years – reunite for mutual support, having nowhere else to turn. And little by little, over the tumultuous year that follows, they rediscover the bonds that once held them together.

Bad Karma, a no-holds-barred comedy about the art of messing up your life in style.

Broadcaster : SRC (Canada)  / Producer : Sphere Media / Available : 27 x 30′  / Different markets



mirador.jpegMIRADOR is a major public relations firm which employs a small army of PR people to make sure the only truth that ever becomes public is their clients’ truth.  In other words, day in, day out, they control the message.  But when things go wrong – when scandal erupts and the spin doctors’ work is overwhelmed by a media tornado – that’s when MIRADOR’s specialists get called in: the crisis management team, headed by the series protagonist, Philippe Racine.

Broadcaster : SRC (Canada)  / Producer : Sphere Media /  Available : 20 x 50′ / Different markets


nothing-but-the-truth.jpeg Crown prosecutors live in a world in which the stakes are naturally high. A world in which sexual assaults, murders and home invasions are part of daily life. It’s a dangerous world, full of immense challenges that are both brutal and complex. But far from offering a negative vision, Nothing but the truth introduces us to courageous men and women who have the resources to face those challenges. is a cutting-edge series, intense and exciting, that shows us human nature in all its excess!

Broadcaster : TVA (Canada)  / Producer : Sphere / Available : 40 x 50′ /  Different markets

“Connie & Clyde”

“Connie & Clyde”is a comedy series that revolves around a matchmaking agency run by matriarch Connie Coninx. Connie’s always run a tight ship when it comes to finding love for her clients, using her own successful marriage as a public selling point. But when her private life starts to crumble, she has to do everything she can to keep the business going. She becomes more determined than ever to find the perfect match for her hopeless customers … and for herself..

Broadcaster : VTM (Belgium)  / Producer : Caviar / Available : 24 x 30′ /  Worldwide

“My Life”

“My life” follows the crazy (fictional) life of stand up comedian Martin Matte.  “My life” is the most wached sitcom of Québec, with market shares of 43 % !!!

Broadcaster : TVA (Canada)  / Producer : Encore / Available : 32 x 30′ /  Different markets


“BOOMERANG” is a comedy series that highlights a phenomenon increasingly common in Western societies, referred to as “Boomeranging”. The term refers to the “Boomerang generation” of young adults forced to move back in with their parents due to financial or professional difficulties.

Broadcaster : TVA (Canada)  / Producer : Encore / Available : 48 x 30′ /  Different markets

“The Couple” and “Mamma Carlotta: Worldwide REMAKE Rights available

the-couple-mamma-carlotta.jpg“The Couple” : Emilia and Mauricio decide to move in together, with all this entails : love, passion, sex,…and washing the dishes.

In this comedy, the protagonists face the inevitable problems of living together, which will be always overcome with love…and humour.

Fresh and carefree humour for all publics.

Producer : Endemol-El Jueves  // Available : 65 x 5′

“Mamma Carlotta” : Mamma Carlotta is a fifty-year old woman who, after a lifetime dedicated to her three children and a husband, now ex-husband, has decided its time to care for herself, of being independent and living her life.

Intergenerational humour suitable for all publics.

Producer : Endemol-El Jueves  // Available : 65 x 5′


One of the most dramatic and horrifying events of the 20th century – the sinking of the Titanic. The passenger liner, whose name is known throughout the world, sank on her maiden voyage in the Atlantic Ocean.
Producer : Starmedia  // Available : 2 x 50′ / Different markets



The project is dedicated to one of the most remarkable and dramatic periods in history – the Napoleonic Wars from 1803 to 1815. They were a continuation of the wars originally sparked off by the French Revolution of 1789 and threw Europe’s armies into mobilization on an unprecedented scale.
Producer : Starmedia  // Available : 8 x 50′ / Different markets


The Romanov dynasty played a hugely important role in world history, and the series highlights the life stories and characters of the tsars, recounting their rise to power and their contribution to the dynasty, their merits and their faults, their achievements and mistakes, their victories and defeats in war.

Producer : Starmedia  // Available : 8 x 50′ / Different markets


The project “Soviet Storm: WW2 in the East” depicts the most important events and battles of World War II. The task of the project is to illustrate the history of the war by means of computer graphics, motion-picture images and wartime actuality shots.
Producer : Starmedia  // Available : 18 x 50′ / Different markets




“Jules Verne” is part of the project “Great Dreamers”. It’s about great minds (scientists, writers, artists, etc…) who were ahead of their time.


Part of the project “Great Dreamers”.


This animated series combines comedy and education based on the books by mathematicians Zhang Jingzhong and Li Yupei of Academy of Science. It retains the essence of the original books while adding a large number of interesting stories. With wide variety of merchandising and education applications, this show has quickly become one of the most successful animated series in China.

Animated TV series / Available : 132 x 15″