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“MPU-Missing Persons Unit” rules Belgian box office

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

Eyeworks movie “MPU-Missing Persons Unit” (original title “Vermist), released in Belgian theatres on October 31, had the strongest opening weekend of any Belgian movie during the last 10 years. “MPU” was released on 36 copies in Flanders and Brussels and is the clear number one in Flanders with more than 60.000 visitors. Although the movie was not released in the French speaking part of Belgium, “MPU” was also the best visited movie overall in Belgium.

“MPU”, directed by Jan Verheyen, tells the story of a disturbing disappearance of a young girl and how the Belgian Missing Persons Unit deals with it. The movie features a Belgian All Star cast including Koen De Bouw, Kevin Janssens, Joke Devynck, Stan Van Samang, Catherine Kools, Filip Peeters and Hilde Van Mieghem. The movie “MPU” will be followed by a series of 9 episodes to be broadcasted next fall by SBS-channel VT4 in Belgium.

Season 3 of “Vanished-Spoorloos Verdwenen” is coming !

Monday, November 5th, 2007

Production company Holland Harbour is shooting now in Rotterdam 10 new episodes of “Vanished” (“Spoorloos Verdwenen”), and Season 3 will be broadcast in January 2008 in prime-time on public network Nederland 1. Re runs of the Dutch police series are also airing now in Belgium, with Season 3 coming to Belgian screens in a few weeks.

CRAZY COW inks worldwide distribution deal for “MPU -Missing Persons Unit”

Friday, October 19th, 2007

CRAZY COW and EYEWORKS announced today that they have signed an agreement under which CRAZY COW will have the worldwide distribution rights for the new Belgian police series “MPU -Missing Persons Unit” (original title = “Vermist”). CRAZY COW was already the European distributor of the series and as part of the extended agreement, CRAZY COW will represent “MPU” worldwide, allowing broadcasters to buy the original series or to license the scripted format for local adaptation (with EYEWORKS keeping the rights on the format for their production companies in Germany, Spain, the US, the UK, New-Zealand, Australia, Sweden and Chile).

“MPU” is a police series about five members of the Missings Persons Task Force investigating mysterious disappearances. EYEWORKS is first producing a feature film (theatrical release on October 31th) and afterwards a series of 9 episodes, that will be broadcast on VT4 in 2008.  “MPU” is directed by the famous director Jan Verheyen, written by top writers Bas Adriaensen and Philippe de Shepper (with the very well known American writer/producer Matt Witten as Script Consultant) and produced by EYEWORKS (Jan Huyse) and VT4.

CRAZY COW is excited to be working with EYEWORKS and VT4 on the international success of “MPU -Missing Persons Unit”.

Sisters de Wit broadcast daily on RTL-TVi (Belgium)

Monday, October 15th, 2007

“Sisters de Wit”, the successful drama series of Eyeworks and Net5 (SBS-ProsiebenSat1) will be launched on November 5th on RTL-TVi (leading channel in French-speaking Belgium / Part of RTL Group). The Dutch drama series will be broadcast daily (from Monday to Friday) at 4.30PM (with as French title “Secrets d’héritage”). In this slot we now have the American series “ER” (at 4PM) and the German series “Verliebt in Berlin” (at 5PM).

RTL-TVi doesn’t need to buy many European series, because the channel has all American series (“Desperate Housewives”, “Prison Break”, “CSI”, “Lost”, “Jericho”, “Bones”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Brothers & Sisters”, “Ugly Betty”, “Dr House”, “Cold Case”, “24”,..).  RTL-TVi bought directly ALL (37) episodes and “Sisters de Wit” is the first Dutch drama series EVER sold to French-speaking Belgium.