About us

CRAZY COW was founded in the summer of 2007 by Michel Daemen. CRAZY COW is a leading independent TV distribution company and a Media Consultancy company.

CRAZY COW is 100% owned by Michel Daemen who is also Managing Director of the company.

CRAZY COW is working with Warner Bros (USA), M6 (France), SBS (Belgium), FOX (USA), 1+1 (Ukraine) , NTV-Gazprom (Russia), Endemol (Netherlands), Mediaset (Italy), Astral (Canada), Eyeworks (the Netherlands), TF1 (France), Antena3 (Spain), ProsiebenSat1 (Germany), BBC (UK), Sphere (Canada), Sabbah (Middle East), TVN (Poland), Canal+ (France), RTL-TVi (Belgium),…

Based in Brussels, the capital of Europe, CRAZY COW is working worldwide. The independence of the company allows it to represent content from very different clients and from various countries.

CRAZY COW has achieved an extremely strong position in the genre of fiction (drama and comedy) but is also offering formats within genres as factual entertainment, lifestyle or reality entertainment.

CRAZY COW has built a unique knowledge with the sales of scripted formats (remake rights).

CRAZY COW has already made sales for several million $ and the CRAZY COW programs are now broadcast in more than 100 countries (France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Russia, Eastern Europe, Canada, the Middle East, China, India,…).

CRAZY COW offers international buyers programs and formats drawing large audiences.