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Great success for the Dutch REMAKE of the German Movie MEN IN THE CITY (450 000 visitors in Dutch theatres)

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

The Dutch REMAKE of the German Comedy Movie “MEN IN THE CITY” is a great success, with 450 000 visitors (in a market of 16 million people) in theatres for “Mannenharten” (Dutch title of the REMAKE) !!!

“MEN IN THE CITY” is a Box Office HIT of its home country (Germany), with 2 million visitors in German theatres and 20 million $ revenues !

German version of A Ferrari for 2 (TF1) now in post production (Endemol)

Sunday, November 16th, 2014

ENDEMOL ( ) is now busy with teh post production of the German remake of the French comedy movie « A Ferrari for 2 ».

The French movie (comedy) « A Ferrari for 2 » aired on TF1. The title of the German version si “600 PS fur Zwei” and will air on ZDF (Geramn public broadcaster).

THE ROMANOVS now broadcast in France !

Friday, November 7th, 2014

CRAZY COW is proud to announce that the Docu Drama “The Romanovs” (8 x 50’) is now broadcast in France !

The series cover the entire history of the Russian royal dynasty, beginning with Mikhail I Fyodorovich and ending with Nicholas II.

“The Romanovs” is a rare project because it’s a historical reenactment combined with live-action, historical information and actuality shots. In it we will see the Russian tsars falling in love, suffering, and taking decisions; in total, they will be depicted as common men. Using the CGI we’ve created a picture of maximum historically verity that immerses viewers in the atmosphere and feelings of the time and allows seeing the tsars just as their contemporaries saw them.

Orfila invented toxicology and Albert Fish was an American serial Killer / You will learn it in “History of Criminalistics” (6 x 44′) !

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

“History of Criminalistics » (6 x 44’) will also learn you that Eugène François Vidocq was head of the first know private detective agency or that Alphonse Bertillon invented the mugshot (phographing of criminals)…


PITCH : Identification, fingerprinting, ballistics, forensic medicine, poisons and toxicology, DNA and new tracks – all this allows investigators to recreate the crime scene and identify the criminal with maximum accuracy. Based on historical facts, creators of these docudramas will tell the audience about the most high-profile investigations into the most complicated cases, which solutions  seemed impossible. A modern computer graphics makes each chapter in the history of criminalistics an exciting film.