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CARTOON SERIES TV “Ronaldinho Gaucho’s Team” (52 x 11’) sold to Asia !

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

CRAZY COW is proud to anounce that the CARTOON SERIES TV “Ronaldinho Gaucho’s Team” (52 x 11’) will launch soon on sevral Asian channels !

As created by Mauricio de Sousa (the greatest artist for children comics in Brazil and owner of the Ronaldinho Gaucho’s Team characters), represents the design of the young Ronaldinho, one of the best soccer players of all times. Ronaldinho Gaucho’s Team tells about the youth of the great champion to be, a childhood which had a great influence in the making of the future soccer star.

NOW AVAILABLE : Episodes: 52×11′

Italian remake of “The Couple” (Endemol) is coming…

Monday, January 7th, 2013

CRAZY COW is now working with Italy on the adaptation of the Short sitcom « The Couple » (65 x 5’/ produced by ENDEMOL).

You can produce (a remake of) this sitcoms with YOUR actors, and you can broadcast this on TV, on the web, on Cellular phones, etc…

You could reach young and active targets.

And you could even produce it directly for a BRAND.

So, you could produce these sitcoms with YOUR actors and for example WITH IKEA HOME PRODUCTS (Sofa, Kitchen,..), and you can broadcast this on TV, on their website, in their shops,… Or you can produce for example « The Couple » for BRANDS (Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Samsung,…) that would like to target COUPLES.

CRAZY COW is working with France on the adaptation of the VERY FUNNY Comedy SKETCH SHOW “Crossworlds “

Friday, January 4th, 2013

Are you loking for a VERY FUNNY Comedy SKETCH show ??

In this case, please watch “CROSSWORLDS” (63 x 25′)…

CRAZY COW is now working with FRANCE on the adaptation of “CROSSWORLDS”: French actors will remake this successful Spanish program, for broadcasting on a big French channel !

Plot: The key of the programme is a humour with no imitations, parodies or black humour. The viewer will find a series of everyday situations that happen to people like them in ordinary places like a bar, a waiting room in an airport…seen from an unusual point of view and trying to find a healthy way to show us how to laugh at ourselves.

“CROSSWORLDS” (63 x 25′) is available as SCRIPTED FORMAT (to produce a REMAKE with your actors) OR as Finished Progam (to be dubbed-subtitled).

After the US, France, Russia, Korea, Latin America and Benelux, “SOPHIE” (32 x 30′ / CBC- Canada and ABC – USA) will air soon in Germany ! / Series broadcast on the 5 continents !

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

SOPHIE” (32 x 30′ / COMEDY/ broadcast on CBC (Canada) and ABC FAMILY (USA)) continues to tour the world ! After Belgium, the Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, South Korea, Latin America, the US, … . the crazy Sophie will launch soon on a Free TV channel in Germany.

Adapted from the popular Francophone series Les hauts et les bas de Sophie Paquin, which Radio-Canada has been carrying for two years, “Sophie” is also broadcast on CBC (Canada) and ABC Family (US).The series was then described as a comedy-drama in which a pregnant businesswoman is having a particularly tough year. As she looks for a break, Sophie, played by actor Natalie Brown of Timmins, Ontario, has no choice but to reach out to friends and relatives who – unfortunately for her – are a largely dysfunctional and neurotic group of people.-”

“SOPHIE” (32 x 30′) is an international success story : the series is now broadcast on the 5 continents !!!