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Great casting for the REMAKE of “Double Life” (now in pre production for Channel One, the largest Tv station in Russia)

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

The casting of the Russian REMAKE of the Belgian drama series « Double Life » (13 x 50’/ Eyeworks) is known : the cast will include a.o. very well know actors Ekaterina Volkova, Nikolaev Valery, Lavrov Fedor, and Olkina Ekaterina. The series is now in pre production for Channel One, the largest TV station in Russia ! The shooting will start in a few weeks in Moscow and the Russian « Double Life » will be broadcast in 2013 in PRIME-TIME !

« Double Life » (13 x 50’) tells the story of two women in their thirties who have been living in the assumption that they were having an exclusive and happy relationship with their husband. However, when he dies, they find out he had deceived them, leading a double life, having a relationship with both of them. The subject of this series is clear of interest to people/viewers if you for example just see the case of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s (or Dominique Strauss-Kahn) double life and the massive amount of media attention to this case all over the world and to other cases of persons having a double life. And especially if your husband is living with his second-double wife & kids just a few miles away from your home.

« Double Life » (13 x 50’) is a new drama series from Eyeworks broadcast on VRT (largest TV station in Belgium). « Double Life » (13 x 50’) had an AVERAGE of 1,4 million viewers and 46,2 % Market Share (the second episode had even 50,9% Market Share !!!!). All this in a market of only 6 million people (=Dutch-speaking Belgium).

After Asia and Eastern Europe, the UK falls in love with the Drama series “Rembrandt & I” (4 x 50′ / directed by OSCAR WINNER Marleen Gooris)

Friday, October 26th, 2012

After having been broadcast in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore , Eastern Europe, …, « Rembrandt & I » (4 x 50’ / WATCH IT ONLINE BELOW), the large historical biography of Dutch painter Rembrandt has been selected at Mipcom by SKY and will launch soon in the UK !

The producer of this series (Hans de Weers ) was coproducer of the American blockbuster ALEXANDER ( directed by Oliver Stone and starring Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie, Anthony Hopkins, Val Kilmer)? He was also coproducer of the feature film MINDHUNTERS (starring Val Kilmer and Christian Slater). Finally, he line-produced a substantial part of blockbuster Ocean’s Twelve (starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon).

The producer of « Rembrandt & I » also won a lot of prices with its Dutch movies, a.o the Oscar of the Best Foreign Movie for ANTONIA’S LINE.

ANTONIA’S LINE was directed by Marleen Gooris , who directed many movies, one episode of the US series « The L World », and so also « Rembrandt & I » (4 x 50’).

NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH (80 x 50′) nominated for the Genève Festival (Switzerland) !

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

CRAZY COW is proud to announce that the lawyers series “Nothing but the truth” (80 x 50’ in HD ) has been nominated as “Best Series” at the Genève Festival, and will compete with a.o. “Girls” (HBO), “Inside Men” (BBC),“The Newsroom” (HBO),…

“Nothing but the truth” (80 x 50’ ) is the MOST SUCCESSFUL series in French-speaking Canada : an average of 1,2 million viewers (in a market of only 7 million people!) watch it every week !

“Nothing but the truth” (80 x 50’ ) :

-Like an American series (look, etc…)

-Long-running series : every year, 20 new episodes (like an American series)

-Stand alone episodes !

Great ratings for “MPU” (Written By US writer MATT WITTEN) in Belgium !

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

The Belgian channel VIER is now broadcasting Season 4 of the Eyeworks police series « MPU-Missing Persons Unit » (about a team looking for missing persons / 1 x 90′ + 49 x 50′) : the episode broadcast yesteday attracted 471 000 viewers (22% market share) in front of a soccer match on 2be !

The police series is like an AMERICAN SERIES (it’s developped by US Script Editor MATT WITTEN) and is sold to more than 90 countries (Germany, France, Canada, Latin America, Middle East,..) !!!

Superb cast, well written scripts as well as well written characters, and a great direction : “MPU-Missing Persons Unit’ is as good as an American series, but with a European touch !