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CRAZY COW working with WARNER BROS on American Remake of “Jeff & Leo” (M6)

Monday, November 14th, 2011

CRAZY COW is now working with WARNER BROS on the American remake of the French series “Jeff & Leo, cops and twins”.

WARNER BROS is the producer of “Friends”, “Nip/Tuck”, “The Mentalist”, “The Closer”, “Pushing Daisies”, “Without a trace”, “Cold Case”, “ER”,…

CRAZY COW retains the Format rights outside of the US, and CRAZY COW is already negociating with several European countries, for a local REMAKE.

Sisters de Wit (37 x 50′) – Women like it (more than 30% SHR on women 20-34!) …and advertisers also !

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

« Sisters De Wit » (37 x 50’ /produced by Eyeworks & broadcast on NET5) is drama series following the young and beautiful sisters De Wit, who manage to conquer a high place in the dairy industry – in their very own, very feminine but powerful way. They are, so to speak, the Dutch Charlie’s Angels!

While the average market share of NET5 is 5,3%, « Sisters De Wit » (37 x 50’) is able to reach :

31,8 % on the target Women 20-49 years old (vs 5,3% for NET5)

21,4 % on the target Upper Classes 20-49 years old (vs 5,3% for NET5)

22,4 % on the target Principal Buyers 20-49 years old (vs 5,3% for NET5)

And don’t forget : it’s a very interesting Series for advertisers : « Sisters De Wit » (37 x 50’) is the Series Unilever, Kraft Jacobs, Danone, Nestlé,… need to sell their milk products (yoghurt, cheese, milk or ice cream).

CRAZY COW now working with Endemol on the remake of “A Ferrari for 2” (TF1)

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

CRAZY COW is now working with ENDEMOL ( ) on the REMAKE of the French comedy movie « A Ferrari for 2 » for Germany.

Michel Daemen – CRAZY COW, commented : “« A Ferrari for 2 » is very strong concept. We are sure that the movie will be as successfull in Germany as in its original market”.

The French movies (comedy) « A Ferrari for 2 », « An original Couple » and « A Villa for 2 » are coming from the SAME DREAM TEAM (written by Jean-Claude Islert and Pierre Colin-Thibert and registred by Charlotte Brandstorm. Starring Pierre Arditi, Bernard Lecoq and Maria Pacôme).