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Seasons 3 & 4 of “MPU” (Written By US writer MATT WITTEN) sold to the Middle East

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

CRAZY COW has inked a licence agreement with Sabbah Media, which has acquired the rights to Seasons 3 & 4 of “MPU-Missing Persons Unit” (1 x 90’ + 39 x 50’ / original Belgian title = “Vermist » /aka « Urgence Disparitions » in French), the EYEWORKS police series about five members of the Missings Persons Task Force investigating mysterious disappearances.

“MPU” was the first Belgian police series EVER sold to the Middle East and the 2 first Seasons launched with success in a.o . Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt,…

The shooting of the 3rd Season (10 episodes) of « MPU », has now started in Belgium, until the end of the year.

The network (VT4) has already also commissionned a 4th Season (10 episodes) : 20 new episodes are now available !!!

The police series is like an AMERICAN SERIES (it’s developped by US Script Editor MATT WITTEN) and is a BIG SUCCESS on VT4.

While the average market share of VT4 is 7,9%, the last episode of « MPU » was for example able to reach :

30 % on the target 15-44 years old (vs 7,9% for VT4)

28,3 % on the target Buyers 18-44 years old (vs 7,9% for VT4)

28,6 % on the target Women 20-49 years old (vs 7,9% for VT4)

As of today, the series is sold to more than 40 countries (France, Germany, Canada, Middle East, Czech Republic,..) !!!

Remake rights of the French TF1 movie “A Ferrari for 2” sold to ENDEMOL Germany

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

CRAZY COW has inked a deal with ENDEMOL ( ), which has acquired the REMAKE rights to the French comedy movie « A Ferrari for 2 » for Germany.

Michel Daemen – CRAZY COW, commented : “We are thrilled to announce this deal with ENDEMOL. We had great interest from several big German companies and received the best offer from them. We are sure that the very strong concept of « A Ferrari for 2 » will be as successfull in Germany as in its original market”.

The French movies (comedy) « A Ferrari for 2 », « An original Couple » and « A Villa for 2 » are coming from the SAME DREAM TEAM (written by Jean-Claude Islert and Pierre Colin-Thibert and registred by Charlotte Brandstorm. Starring Pierre Arditi, Bernard Lecoq and Maria Pacôme).