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Great Mipcom for CRAZY COW

Monday, October 12th, 2009

CRAZY COW is just back from Cannes and Mipcom has proved to be very successful. The new dramedy “Jes” will launch soon in France while the Canadian series “Sophie” will go to Ukraine. There si also still great interest for “MPU”, with negociations in a.o. Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine,… . “Take this house” has great interest from the Netherlands. “Jef & Leo” attracted attention of Italy and Turkey and and the Dutch series “Sisters de Wit” will launch soon in France on syndication. CRAZY COW inked also several deals to represent companies outside of their territory.

4th Season of Sophie Paquin now on air

Monday, October 5th, 2009

The 4th Season of the drama series “Les hauts et les bas de Sophie Paquin” is now broadcast on Canadian TV.

The Canadian public television Radio-Canada broadcast the series every Wednesday in prime-time.

“Sophie”, the English remake of “Sophie Paquin” is broadcast on CBC (Canada) and ABC Family (US).