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Great Mipcom for CRAZY COW

Monday, October 20th, 2008

CRAZY COW is just back from Cannes and the Mipcom has proved to be very successful. After deals with a.o. France and Czech republic, the new Belgian police series “MPU -Missing Persons Unit” (VT4) has also seduced buyers from Canada, Russia, Latvia, … The Dutch drama series “Sisters de Wit” (Net5) will air in a few months for the second time on a new French network. CRAZY COW has also reached deals for the Belgian series “City District” (VTM) and for the Dutch series “Vanished-Spoorloos verdwenen” (Nederland 1). CRAZY COW inked also several deals to represent companies outside of their territory.

VANISHED (“Spoorloos Verdwenen”) sold to Russia !

Friday, October 10th, 2008

CRAZY COW has inked a distribution agreement with a Russian production company, which has acquired the REMAKE rights to “Vanished’ (original title = “Spoorloos Verdwenen”) , the Dutch series about a specialized police team, fully committed in tracking down people who have been reported missing.

Russia bought directly ALL (33) episodes (that is to say Seasons 1, 2 and 3) and will remake it in Moscow. Shooting with Russian actors starts this fall and a big Russian commercial TV station will launch the Russian remake in a few months.

The Russian deal follows previous deals with Belgium and Czech Republic and negociations are still ongoing with several markets. Season 3 of Vanished-Spoorloos Verdwenen launched last in week in prime-time on the Dutch public television.