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“MPU-Missing Persons Unit” (= Vermist) ‘best fiction of the year’ in Belgium

Friday, June 6th, 2008

 At the annual Radio and Television Awards in Belgium, Eyeworks’ TV drama “MPU-Missing Persons Unit” (=”Vermist”) has been granted an award for Best Fiction of the Year.At the 46th edition of the prestigious Belgian Award ceremony “MPU” (=”Vermist”)  beat acknowledged titles Katarakt, Sarah (Betty la Fea) and Eyeworks’ own hit series Flikken (Cops). “MPU” aired this year on VT4. Eyeworks is currently producing a second series, to air in 2009.”MPU” is a TV series based on the Eyeworks feature film of the same name about a special police unit solving mysteries of missing persons cases. In raw, realistic and identifiable stories crimes are solved, or not… As opposed to other police series, “MPU” is about the search for the victim instead of the search for the perpetrator. Dead or alive…