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“MPU-Missing Persons Unit” : more than 200 000 visitors !!!

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Eyeworks movie “MPU-Missing Persons Unit” (original title “Vermist) has now attracted more than 200.000 visitors ! Since its release in Belgian theatres on October 31st, 206.000 persons watched the movie, in a market of only six million people (Dutch-speaking Belgium / the movie was not released in the French speaking part of Belgium) !

“MPU”, directed by Jan Verheyen, tells the story of a disturbing disappearance of a young girl and how the Belgian Missing Persons Unit deals with it. The movie features a Belgian All Star cast including Koen De Bouw, Kevin Janssens, Joke Devynck, Stan Van Samang, Catherine Kools, Filip Peeters and Hilde Van Mieghem. The movie ”MPU” will be followed by a series of 9 episodes to be broadcasted next fall by SBS-channel VT4 in Belgium.

Hundreds of hours of CRAZY COW programs sold in 2007

Monday, January 7th, 2008

Only six months after the launch of CRAZY COW (summer 2007), the Belgian distribution company is proud to announce that it has already sold hundreds of hours of its programs in Europe, Canada and the US. Licensed programs include a.o. the Dutch drama series SISTERS DE WIT (Net 5), the Canadian lifestyle show TAKE THIS HOUSE AND SELL IT (W Network), the Dutch police series VANISHED-SPOORLOOS VERDWENEN (Nederland 1), the Canadian docu series WEBDREAMS (Showcase),…
CRAZY COW is already starting the first week of this New Year with new sales in France and Czech Republic and many new deals are coming in the next weeks-months of 2008 !